Technically I do live in a high desert but my name is not Will. I wanted be a fireman, policeman, pro athlete, etc. You know...


But that was before. Around age six or so "Let 'Em In" by Paul McCartney reached, grabbed, and I was locked in forever. Enter Queen, Aha, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Tom Waits, Les Miserables, Iron Maiden, Bethoven, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Radical Face, and hundreds and hundreds of others--they have all grabbed me and held me tight, never to let me go--never to leave me be. Over time I found that genre meant little to no difference. Good music was (and still is) good music. 

For many moons I would have just died if I could only have one thing--to become a rockstar. I'm not sure why that path, but, well, there you go...that's what I thought would somehow fulfill me. I don't seek or need that anymore. I am grateful that the good Lord led me, whilst I kicked and screamed many times along the way, down a different path. So blessed. Thank you, Lord. 


But I still love music. More than ever. I crave it. For me it feeds the soul in a way nothing else can. I obsess over this little fun thing that we humans can do with air. There seems to be a greater purpose here. I sense that I loved music before I came to this planet, I know that I love it now, and I believe I will love it far beyond the grave.

I write, record and perform music. I can't help it. Some of it's pretty good. I hope you'll give it a shot.

-Brian Randall Carter

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